Relevance of Dow Theory in the Earnings season

As the results season where all listed companies have to mandatorily announce their quarterly results at the end of Q4FY18 comes to an end, there are a lot of disgruntled and more often confused set of investors upset with the price movements witnessed in certain stocks in the last 2 months. The general trend or […]

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Candlesticks v/s Indicators ? Which one’s better?

Technical analysis is the study of price action through charts firstly to identify the trend and based on it, ride the trend. Within technical analysis, one generally makes use of price charts mainly candlestick charts, momentum indicators like an RSI, EMA or Stochastic oscillator coupled with tools like either Fibonacci projection or retracement or even […]

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Learn Intraday Technical Analysis with Train2trade

Technical analysis is an amazing way of understanding the trends of the market. you might have heard this term many times but if you are wondering what it is, then you do not need to think much. Our intraday technical analysis study material will help you in enhancing your knowledge. The following points will shed […]

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